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East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership has set up an MSK support line to help people with muscle and joint pain. The impact of COVID-19 may mean that some people may not be getting the help they need, This could be because they are self-isolating, shielding or working from home. Or they may be hesitant about getting in touch with their practice because they view themselves as non-urgent. 

Information about an advice line for patients who have concerns about their recovery from Coronavirus


  • Eilidh Ward
  • Sue Bagley

Within our Practice, Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP) are integral in delivering a high quality service to our patients.

ANP’s are educated at Masters Level in advanced practice. As clinical leaders supporting our GP’s they have the freedom and authority to act and accept responsibility and accountability for these actions.

ANPs can manage patients who present with a broad range of symptoms. Their core clinical competencies are to:

  • Take a comprehensive history
  • Perform clinical assessment (a physical clinical examination)
  • Formulate differential diagnoses
  • Request, interpret and act on diagnostic tests and investigations
  • Formulate an action plan for the treatment of the patient, including prescribing medication
  • Admit, discharge or refer a patient dependant on patient need at the time of review.

Quit Your Way

Quit Your Way Services deliver free stop smoking support at a variety of locations, and are provided by stop smoking specialists.

Lothian Disabled Living Centre

Diabetic & Asthma

We offer full ongoing care for patients with all chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, hypertension etc. Patients with chronic illnesses will be reviewed annually in the month of their birth in a special clinic.


We are happy to undertake medicals by prior appointment; these are undertaken out with normal surgery hours. Please bring a urine sample with you.


Podiatry treatment is a clinical service available in the medical centre by self or doctor referral. Home visits may be arranged by referral by the doctor. Routine nail cutting may not necessarily be carried out.

Maternity Care

Maternity care is undertaken by all the doctors in all surgeries and is shared with the midwife in the medical centre. Antenatal relaxation and parent craft classes are run by the midwife in the medical centre; mothers to be will be informed personally about these classes.

Cervical Smear Tests

We are happy to perform smear tests at any surgery. It is always possible to have the smear test done by a woman but you will need to ask when you make your appointment.

Child Health Surveillance and Immunisations

Routine checks on the development of babies and children are undertaken in the Medical Centre in conjunction with the Health Visitors. Please remember to bring your child’s “Red Book” with you. Routine vaccinations (other than those given at school) are given during any normal surgery by our Practice Nurse June Boyle. Lothian Health operates a computerised call scheme supplemented by our computerised system.


Counselling services for patients who have been bereaved and those with depression, anxiety or stress are available in the Medical Centre after discussion with the doctor or nurse.


A full physiotherapy service is available in the medical centre. Patients can self refer but it is often best to do so only after consultation with a doctor.

Family Planning / Contraception

We are fully qualified to offer a full range of services. We provide coil service; both simple and mirena, and implanon rods for contraception. We are happy to prescribe the ‘morning after pill’ under appropriate circumstances and can provide supplies to keep at home. If you require this service do not delay in contacting the doctor.

Pregnancy Testing

If you have a positive result from a home pregnancy test then our reception staff give you contact details to be referred to the midwife or alternatively you can call Midwives direct. 0131 536 2009. However; if you would also like your test confirmed from NHS laboratory we require the first sample of urine to be passed in the morning and should be handed into reception by 09:00 in a white-topped specimen bottle.

Adult Vaccinations

Tetanus booster injections will be offered following open wounds and during consultations on an ad-hoc basis. Influenza vaccinations are routinely offered each autumn to those patients who are at special risk and to all patients aged 65 and over.

Minor Surgery

Minor surgical procedures in the medical centre can be arranged with GP by prior arrangement.